5 Cannabis Products to Enhance Pleasure

From Topicals to Sublingual Sprays...

5 Cannabis Products to Enhance Pleasure & Connection
April 7, 2017 The Evergreen Market

For centuries cannabis products have been used for relaxation and pleasure, enhancing mood and experiences, including those special moments in the bedroom.

Some strains have been linked to improving libido, blood flow and energy, depending on the varying cannabinoids they contain. Yet, for some people smoking might not be sexy at all, amidst the coughing and possibility of burning a hole in your sheets with that amber you forgot to ash from your joint- whoops!

For those who are curious how cannabis and cannabis products can enhance their time with their partner, read on! We have a variety of options that don’t include flower, but can still enhance those special situations, weather alone, with friends or with your love!


cannabis sensual oil pleasure

Bond Sensual Oil by Spot Seattle

Bond Sensual Oil

We love this sensual oil for personal fun or pleasure play with your partner. The consistency is non sticky and enhances personal lubrication just enough. We suggest setting music that puts you in the mood and getting relaxed.

Best part is you don’t need much to feel the effects. Once applied, you should feel a heightened sense of pleasure within 15 minutes, that has been reported to prolong the duration of your climax- and who doesn’t love that!

Just use more if you don’t want the fun to end!



cannabis products bath salts

Body Buzz Epsom Salts by Ethos Innovates

Body Buzz Epsom Bath Salts

Maybe you want to relax together? Grab these bath salts and fill up that tub! The total body high should make you forget your worries, allowing you to better connect with your sweetheart.

Be careful getting out of the tub, people have reported an extreme sense of euphoria and body relaxation after their soak.

Don’t have a tub or a tub big enough for the two of you? You can get a bucket (or even a pot) and do a foot soak! Your feet will thank you later!



stimulating cannabis body oil for pleasure

Muse Stimulating Cannabis Body Oil by Ethos Innovates


Another sensual oil to try, we recommend this one especially if you want a multipurpose oil. We enjoyed using it for massaging purposes, in particular. Light candles, put on your favorite tunes and discover what makes your partner smile again..

This is cannabis oil can be used as a lubricant or a body oil for massage and pleasure play, wether you are home alone or having a sexy night with your spouse!



cannabis topical cream for massage

Relax Topical Cream by Sticky Budz


Sticky Budz has created two topical creams that work great for those achy muscles. We suggest using the Relax, which is slightly less concentrated than their other version, Restore.

Relax can be a great addition to a couple’s massage you set up at home with your partner. Take turns getting those knots out with a CBD/THC cream that penetrates the skin and allows you to loosen up more.


cannabis love potion aphrodisiac spray for pleasure

Love Potion Aphrodisiac Spray by NW Wonderland

Love Potion

We loved this aphrodisiac spray from NW Wonderland. Used sublingual (holding underneath your tongue for 10 seconds, or as long as you can) increases the digestion rate, allowing the effects to start sooner, usually within 5-10 minutes. Plus, with the added herbs and natural ingredients like saffron (crocus) which has been known to increase libido in both men and women, damiana which is known to increase libido in women, and muira puama, yohimbe & catuaba, which have all been linked to increased libido in men, it can really rev those engines in a most natural way. The sweet and tart taste is a sure start for a fun ride!

One unique way to incorporate this into a fun routine is by using a blindfold (you can use a tie or dark scarf) on your partner. Give them one to three squirts from this sublingual spray and start with a hand massage. Sight deprivation allows for other sensory parts to start working extra. Although you wont be able to see, you should start to feel the affects, which are more intensified, without vision to distract you.


 Whichever way to decide to spice up the occasion remember, it’s all about taking your time, having fun and focusing on the present moment. Let some of our suggestions guide you on your own journey…


Looking for more information on mindful consumption of cannabis and cannabis products? Read our Blog about Intentional Cannabis Consumption HERE

Tinctures are another way to consume cannabis.

Brain Power Tincture from Kronic Tonic is a great aid to assist with focus and promote a sense of mental well-being.

Written By: Masha Brown

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