Current Specials

**Each store may have unique items on special in addition to these.
Order online and pick up in store from the “Menu/Order” link on our homepage.

May 17th – May 23rd

Auburn North Renton South Renton
House of Cultivar – Dread Bread, Kosher Tangie, Lemon Meringue 1g/$10
Cannavore – UK Cheese 1g/$8 | 3.5g/$25
SPR – Sour Headband, Jet Fuel 1g/$9
Fairwinds – RTMs $4
Goodship – Raspberry Jellies 60mg /$18
Avitas – PAX $50
Goodship – Lemon Lime Pastilles $18
Fairwinds – Suppositories $13
Mantis – Green Crack $30
High Drate CBD/THC Strawberry Lemonade 60mg/$10
Mad Mark Berry Kush 1g/$9 | 3.5g/$30
MFused Purple Pie 1g/$25
All Western Cultured 1g/$9| 3.5g/$30 | 7g/$60
Quality Pie Face Preroll $5
420 Bar Dark Chocolate Hazelnut 10mg/$4
Cycling Frog $27
High Tea 100mg $35
Topshotz/Potshotz $3
Fairwinds Suppositories $13
Dutchy Cherry Pie Preroll $6
Mad Mark Berry Kush 1g/$9 | 3.5g/$30
Leaf Werx Soul Assassin 1g/$7 | 3.5g/$25 | 28g/$180
Green Haven Hot Rod 2g/$15
Refine Cherry Ghost and Cherry Lemon Haze $40
Pure Joy Shizzle 10mg/$5
MFused Lemon OG $25
Dose Scented Massage Cream $20
Harmony Purple Arrow 1g/$10 | 3.5/$30 | 28g/$235
Virginia 1g/$7 | 3.5g/$25
Fairwinds RTM $5
*All while supplies last