Current Specials

**Each store may have unique items on special in addition to these.
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Oct 19th – Oct 25th

Auburn North Renton South Renton
G Nugs Shiatsu Kush 3.5g/$30
Mantis Witch of the West #6 3.5g/$25
253 NYPD 28g/$120
Refine Extreme Alien Live Resin 1g/$40
Spot Chocolates 20% off
Magic Kitchen CBD Rasp Pebble 10mg/$3
Fairwinds Feminine Relief Suppository $10
Agro Mechanix Do Si Do 1g/$5
Dab Star Purple Lemon Tree 3.5g/$20
Mantis Gardens Witch of the West #6 and Chemical Weapon 1g/$8 | 3.5g/$25
Sky Standard 3.5g/$28
Dab Star BHO 1g/$22
Green Revolution 10:1 Sativa RSO 1g/$35
Spot Chocolates 20% off
Fairwinds Feminine Relief Suppositories $10
Phat Panda Original Glue Preroll 1g /$5
Dab Star BHO 1g /$22
Refine Sour Patch BHO 1g/$40
Nw Finest Huckleberry Cream 1g/$10
Sky Standard Pandora’s Box 1g/$7 | 3.5g/$25
Mad Mark Hog 1g/$10 | 3.5g/$35
Spot Chocolates 20% off
Dr Roberts Soda 100mg/$16
Artizen Lemonberry Preroll 2pk/$8
*All while supplies last