Educator Smoke Sesh Series Vol. 1

Blunts with Vaughn

Educator Spotlight: Vaughn
November 7, 2017 The Evergreen Market
Educator at The Evergreen Market, Vaughn loves to smoke blunts.

Meet Educator and bud tender, Vaughn, at the South Renton location!

Vaughn is an educator and a bud tender at The Evergreen Market’s newest location found in Renton near Ikea. As one of two educators who have been in the program since the role was created, Vaughn has had a direct hand in what being an educator has evolved into. As it typically goes whenever you do something that hasn’t been done before, the educator position started with a goal but it is becoming much more than that. An educator exemplifies our three core values— Educate. Celebrate. Elevate. We don’t want to cut any cannabis conversations short, especially in our stores.

Educator Vaughn loves to dive deep into cannabis education.

Vaughn breaks all stoner stereotypes by staying active physically and finding ways to learn more about the industry through personal research and interactions with individuals.

Educators are that guy at the party that will talk to you about the weed you’re smoking for as long as you let them. And we would’t want it any other way.

Vaughn came to the Pacific Northwest from St. Simon’s Island, Georgia in early 2016. A true testament to the power of networking— he got into the industry by knowing a guy who was already in it. With the level of passion for cannabis that Vaughn had, the guy easily offered an opportunity for a position.

Outside of working at The Evergreen Market Vaughn also coaches soccer. “I have two select traveling teams that I coach. I enjoy playing soccer in my own time, as well as being outdoors. Stuff like snowboarding, hiking, golfing, rock climbing is cool.” Vaughn breaks the lazy stoner stereotype by being active and even using cannabis to do it. When asked about activities and strains that pair well he answered with XJ-13 and soccer.

“The euphoric high and creative mindset let’s you be strategic, but aware and really get into the gameplay.”

Lemonder from Seattle’s Private Reserve is Vaughn’s favorite strain, noting a high that’s equal parts chill and giddy. “It’s the only strain that’s made me break a blunt from how sticky it is!” Vaughn prefers flower over dabs, even though popularity with concentrates has been on the rise. He likes to take it back to the basics and compares the tradition of breaking down and rolling up flower to that of breaking bread. “Flower is more personal. You can sit down and have a conversation.” Blunts are his preferred method of smoking and with good reason. “Holds the most bud, you can pass it around, and it stays lit on a beach.

With Vaughn’s one year anniversary with The Evergreen Market Team just passing a few days ago, and the educator position turning into a position of coaching and empowering, I had to ask Vaughn who his role model within the cannabis industry is.

Danny, he’s always got time for you. Whether you’re in marketing, or an owner, in inventory, a bud tender; he’s always got time to answer any questions. He’s like a walking encyclopedia. You never ask him something then hear him say, ‘hold on, let me look that up.’ He’s got it. He already knows it.”

The success of the educator position is just getting started, but even Vaughn has gotten a little surprise from how rapidly it’s taken off. “It’s quickly getting so big. We have people from other professions referring their friends and family to find someone in a white lanyard at The Evergreen Market when they start opening up and asking about cannabis.”

It’s become clear that the educator position is filling in all the shortcomings we’ve seen present themselves in retail cannabis stores everywhere. How do you balance the volume of business you get, but make sure you provide a quality visit for your customers? You focus on the interaction and experience.

“I see us being a pioneer in retail. I see the standard we set and drive within the people we employ.”


Educator Vaughn shares his personal experiences as a bundtender in the i-502 industry.

Vaughn enjoys his favorite, a blunt filled with SPR Lemonder.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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